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- 04 / 02 / 88 -

"Stardate," sound effects and reverb, looking up an extremely long name through directory assistance, Joe Evangelista challenges Eric to find the number for the American/Soviet Friendship Association, a convergence of holidays, the clocks are moving ahead tonight, reading the last words of the news, Joe talks about a strange East German plan, calling directory assistance in London, Joe tries to guess what the first words of the news are, what should be done with Manuel Noriega, the disparity of deaths in the Middle East, former staffer Vicki Nolan tries to get even with Eric, Joe does impressions, the chances of a Dukakis/Jackson ticket, Joe brings in news from East Germany, trying to communicate with a strange sounding caller, the Kings Park Psychiatric Center, trying to analyze heavyweight wrestling, defenestrating attaches, facts about the Pacific Coast Highway, Joe discusses utopian societies and conspiracies with a listener, more on heavyweight wrestling, more information on trains, Jim Wiener and Mike Yuhas will be in for a special show on trains in two weeks, Joe tests Eric on country codes, a correlation between the Last Supper and Passover, Eric's views on organized religion, debating whether the CIA should be accountable to the public, self-destructing checks, how such a scheme would work, arguing over autonomy in Eastern Europe, the involvement of the Catholic Church, religious intolerance in the Soviet Union, persecution of Jews throughout history, comparisons between conditions in the USSR and the United States, where the real threat is coming from, the Capozzi Brothers will have a reduced show tonight because of the time change, Swedish Fiddlers ID.

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Apr. 2
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- 04 / 09 / 88 -

"Stardate," various sound effects, a program about high tech, how events at Stony Brook always seem to go wrong, Jesse Jackson was supposed to visit Stony Brook yesterday, hijackers hold a Kuwaiti jetliner in Cyprus, Richard Nixon says he regrets not bombing North Vietnam earlier, sanctions against Panama, trying to find a weather forecast, train service is being disrupted this weekend, there will be a special train show next week, Pete steals Eric's soda, nutritional information from junk food, stamps are now 25 cents, Eric used to stick coins on envelopes, the political scene now seems more exciting, the woeful state of the Democratic Party, Paul Simon pulled out of the race this week, where the political conventions will be held this year, who young kids would vote for, the potential evils of religion, Susan talks about a mock election in her school years ago, adults who don't learn, the Olympics are also taking place this year, Negativland is on tour via telephone, a promo for the program guide update, some postal injustices, the proper way to address a letter to the station, looking at some of the changes in technology over recent years, Fun Boy Three, Kraftwerk, an Alexander Cockburn piece on divestiture in the The Wall Street Journal one year after it took place, the increasing choice in long distance, we're running out of area codes, how phone numbers work, the area code splits scheduled for 1988 and 1989, the social implications of an area code split, how a phone number in 1995 may look, what voice mail is, demonstrating the Phonemail system on the Rolm phone, the new 900 numbers are about to cause all kinds of problems, Eric calls his house to demonstrate the features of his answering machine, demonstrating what a computer sounds like when called, a call from a party line, controversy involving a new New York Telephone conference line, the danger of using a cordless phone, the third and final phase of the Rolm cutover will affect students on campus, some of the steps backwards that the Rolm system represents, how the new 632 exchange is routed, Big Audio Dynamite, Robert Klein ID, "Poetry Brook International" promo, Brother Nick, Brother Bill.

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Apr. 9
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- 04 / 16 / 88 -

Jim Wiener, "Stardate," Mike Yuhas is in from Philadelphia along with Jim for a special on trains, Arlo Guthrie, how everyone on the show is somehow fascinated with trains, Eric hears music in his headphones, changes in Penn Station, the Metro North scenes in the movie "Falling in Love," the difference between Grand Central Station and Penn Station, Mike explains the mysterious Long Island City station, the strange stations on the Long Island City line, Jim describes what it's like to leave from Long Island City, the old Setauket train station, Eric describes what it was like last night at the main post office in New York as the tax deadline approached, a machine to find zip codes, "severely disrupted" trains, how to get across the country on a train, Eric notices more freight trains on Long Island, how Newsday used to distribute papers via train, demonstrating feedback, a story from a listener about the Penny Bridge station, the impending electrification of the LIRR, what's involved in adding the third rail, details on a recent Metro North crash, Jim was on an Amtrak train that crashed, analysis of what happened, socializing on board trains, train safety PSA, why people go through crossings, Mike's experience on board a train that hit a car, Steve Goodman, figuring out what Chinese food to order this week, the radio station is being piped throughout the building, there is a science fiction convention taking place on campus, Adam West is in attendance, how subways are frequently left out of train enthusiast worlds, Jim explains what snap trains are, Eric goes over some facts concerning the New York City subway, remnants of old lines, subway changes as a result of the closing of the Williamsburg Bridge, some facts about the SEPTA system in Philadelphia, Eric's problems falling asleep in a moving vehicle, how the end of railway post offices hurt the train system, some weird train advertisements, the push and pull engines on the Long Island Railroad, some more facts about the circus trains, how the animals get from Sunnyside Yards to Manhattan, what the new 63rd Street tunnel will mean to the system, Jim remembers the "NX" line, Eric discovers an unused "V" train sign, stories involving transferring mass transit equipment between systems, Mike is a photographer of trains, a list of magazines dedicated to trains, the lack of maintenance next to train tracks, some LIRR trivia, parlor car service, Norman Blake and Tony Rice, Brother Bill.

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Apr. 16
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- 04 / 23 / 88 -

Dave Brown, "Stardate," Tim Curry, the current events of 1979, analyzing the lyrics of the song, Mick Jagger is in the news for allegedly copying a reggae song called "Just Another Night," WUSB will start airing "Pacifica News" on May 9, why Eric wasn't able to vote in the primary, a rundown of the delegate count, a listener explains why he voted for Dukakis, getting the Moody Blues on CD, analysis of Mayor Koch's move towards conservatism, trying to understand polls, why C-SPAN is better to watch debates on, accusations of Republican bias on the Cable News Network, Eric is unable to get cable, a call from Nassau County, how this race seems to be more interesting than others in the past, Eric describes a Bush event he attended where Bush called in and experienced technical problems, an excerpt from the event, a call from history professor Hugh Cleland, the appeal of Jesse Jackson, barriers to voting, the possibility of a Dukakis/Jackson ticket, Jackson and the Palestinian issue, the Tawana Brawley incident, explaining the benefits of calling in, Nixon calls Dukakis a word processor, Fire Island references, "The Blues Show" theme, a rundown of some of the programs on WUSB, racial issues as they relate to politics, Reagan has been quiet lately, a listener plans to get involved in politics, some info on statistics, how Jackson campaigning is different than the others, the role of the media in changing the world, "Concert Billboard."

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Apr. 23
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- 04 / 30 / 88 -

"Stardate," an extended version of the opening theme, Eric saw "Powaqqatsi" last night, the ongoing problem with headphones at the station, the show is the dividing point between weeks, a version of "I Am The Walrus" from a Beatles rarities album, Stony Brook is 30 years old this week, Mick Jagger is acquitted of stealing a reggae song, how people can get WUSB program guides, the importance of having young people call in, a caller from the old "Ministry of Truth" show, the debate over wearing seat belts, complaints against the musical taste of the radio station, "Music For Modern Ears" promo, excerpts from a forthcoming New York Times article on the 30th anniversary of the university, some Stony Brook history, ideas from a listener on creative radio programming, some of the images seen in "Powaqqatsi" and how the whole thing was pulled off, a recent "Nightline" program helped bridge the gap in the Middle East, the potential of low orbit travel, how computers have changed in recent years, Eric advises Susan to see "Powaqqatsi" and not worry about finals, Philip Glass, a Negativland reference, asking the overseas operator how many time zones there are in the Soviet Union, Susan questions whether the university is actually in Stony Brook, noticing that people don't live in Long Island, McDonald's is set to open in the Soviet Union for the first time, The Beatles in German, remembering the "Shadow Over Long Island" radio play, Eric starts a free teleconference, calling the old phone number for the radio station, trying to find the Czechoslovakian version of "Hey Jude," Susan has a Persian version of a Beatles song, the mono version of "Helter Skelter," a loon is found in Brooklyn, Brother Bill.

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Apr. 30
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