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- 01 / 02 / 88 -

Jim Wiener, the world premiere of "Brain Damage" is up next, "Stardate," Mike Yuhas joins Eric for the first show, Jim welcomes Eric to Saturday night, memories of Mike and Eric's trip to Shelter Island for another radio show, the program will be at least half a call-in show, the first appeal for calls, Jim recalls the very early days of WUSB, the different locations of the radio station, Rich Koch calls in to give some more details of station history, Frank Burgert calls in with the story of how the station got its FM license, the attempts to get the transmitter on top of the Health Sciences Center, some of the changes in regulations over the years, Jim's laundry detergent story, ways of making people laugh on the air, Jim tells another laundry story involving the radio station, the classical music lineup, handshaking on the air, Mike arranges an interview with a forest ranger, a mishap involving a military plane and geese, the temperature inside and outside, trying to find a lost guest in the telephone system, the sound of a forest ranger's busy signal from West Virginia, Mike is paying for a call that may never end, Eric's various schemes, going into delay, taking the first call, a listener wants to hear more of Mike, backing out of delay, how Mike spent his New Year's, 12 people went out to dinner before the show, a leap second was inserted at New Year's, a recording of WWV and how they dealt with the extra second, going back into and out of delay, Juergen Wildman describes the forest fires in West Virginia, how the smoke made it all the way to New York, how the fires start, abuse that Smokey the Bear has to endure, fighting fire with fire, a customer with robotic echo tries to get help from an operator, an explanation as to what happened to the transferred call earlier in the evening, a reading of the news, post offices were closed today to save money, a call from a 2600 reader, Eric has a coughing fit, a flurry of massacres, racial tension in Bensonhurst, Mike talks about the Mummers Day parade in Philadelphia, KYW and WWOR, a caller with echo, the Brothers are here, a call from the Harvey's Bristol Cream girl, pronunciations of various names in the news, Mike and Eric throw things at each other, predictions that this show will be a collector's item, "Concert Billboard," after "Brain Damage" comes "Lobotomy."

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Jan. 2
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- 01 / 09 / 88 -

"Stardate," the second program in a series of infinity, lots of snow is on the ground at last, the magic of New York City in the snow, the wide variety of dress styles in the cold, a lack of phone calls, racist mobs in New York, Eric is looking for Russian hats, a caller wants to deport Italian-Americans, racism at a local 7-11, the first call from a young listener, Eric talks about his trip to Baffin Island last spring, a parallel between racial prejudice and hostility towards the cold, the pickup truck image, Brother Bill answers a question about Brother Nick six seconds before Eric asks it, a weird experience on the 12:01 out of Manhattan, some other oddities of the Long Island Railroad, how 1988 could be as exciting as 1968, Joe Evangelista will be a guest in two weeks, news about Oral Roberts, a caller has info on a food drive, words about the waste of religious fanaticism, the various religious scandals going on, Mike Yuhas calls from Philadelphia to give a legal ID, definition of a legal ID, waiting for Mike to come back from call waiting, more memories of Baffin Island, the amount of snowfall in Philadelphia, the men's room is open this week, listening to Mike's disconnecting phone, trying to call a six digit number, gunfire and dogfights, a look at the news, why isn't it called the Iraq-Iran War?, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict appears to be at a turning point, administrative detention in Israel, why such conflicts persist, a computer virus hits an Israeli computer, the feeling of loss when something on a computer gets destroyed, Brother Bill helps Eric get phone calls, a murderer is still at large in the neighborhood, "Lobotomy."

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Jan. 9
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- 01 / 16 / 88 -

"Stardate," Daniel Ortega lifts the state of emergency in Nicaragua, Jimmy the Greek is fired after controversial remarks, Martin Luther King PSA, Elissa McBride and Bill Spencer of the Democratic Socialists of America are guests, why the United States hasn't adopted the metric system or nationalized health care, Barbara Ehrenright on "The Phil Donahue Show," how Phil Donahue became interested in socialist issues, the differences between various socialist and communist organizations, what really goes on at the Donahue show, whether or not there are any real differences between Democrats and Republicans, Bob Marley Day promo, controversy surrounding Jesse Jackson, where Jackson has found support, feminist issues, reaction to conservative comments, organizations that don't pay taxes, Martin Luther King PSA, human rights abuses in the United States, the strategy of the Reagan administration, a rally in support of Martin Luther King Day is scheduled for Monday in New York City, Joe Evangelista will be in next week, "Concert Billboard."

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Jan. 16
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- 01 / 23 / 88 -

Jim Wiener, "Stardate," additional sound effects, Joe Evangelista is on the way, tonight's show will focus on the Middle East, Joe was stuck in Speonk, Reagan says "phooey," trying to call the White House press office, Eric attempts to read a newscast while Joe comments, Arnie Pritchett helps to locate Speonk, calling the White House to confirm Reagan's statement, a newscast from Kol Yisrael, an interview with Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, Israelis protest the latest crackdown on Palestinians, Joe and Eric debate the use of weapons against the demonstrators, debating whose land it is, Eric draws a distinction between the Israeli state and the Jewish people, Israel denies an attack captured on film, defining the plight of the Palestinians, how the Israeli/Palestinian issue differs from South Africa, Frank from Speonk offers his opinion, the Soviet influence, reports of Israeli beatings, whether or not such actions are justified, Eric threatens to break the telephone if nobody calls, Eric and Joe debate whether or not the United States runs the world, reports of atrocities by Israelis, Joe addresses the possibility of change in the Soviet Union, Joe has to run out to catch a train, Joe calls from the train station, the prevalence of stubborn people in the region, who could possibly mediate the conflict, Joe may be back in two weeks, "Concert Billboard."

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Jan. 23
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- 01 / 30 / 88 -

"Stardate," Eric reports from a march in Brooklyn, Garland Jeffreys, Day of Outrage, shutting down the subways, Pete Kang speaks before he's introduced, sensationalism in the media, a shooting on campus may have been race related, Eric describes what it was like to be in the Brooklyn crowd, the huge number of police, a warning to unlicensed listeners, demonstrators shove the press out of the way, Garland Jeffreys, The Specials, Lister materializes out of thin air, Lister reports on a case being profiled on "West 57th Street," peer pressure, waking up a different color, the "Black Like Me" story, an 11-year-old perspective on racism, Eric's bad experiences in school, differences between here and South Africa, taking calls from young people, Morton Downey Jr., Lister takes exception with the information being distributed about AIDS, a call from Steve Springfield who has been listening to the station since Day One, Jon Connelly is now on Monday nights, Steve is now known as Mr. Radio, how the FCC is hurting stations like WUSB, how Howard Stern has made things worse, Radio Caroline, rumors of a shortwave pirate station at Stony Brook, Radio New York International, how the government was able to shut down a pirate station that was operating offshore, the challenges involved in running a college station, Lister theorizes on ways to save the radio station in the future, trying to get people from on campus to call, Eric thinks the college campus is dead, a call from a pirate operating WROX in Smithtown, Lister critiques WLIB, Eric and Lister debate the influence of college radio, calling a payphone where a listener is, a pro-contra game in the Union, Donald Woods spoke at Stony Brook recently, things to do to the PMRC, Chris Crowley has been painting behind Eric for the whole show, calling directory assistance to get the number for local Congressman George Hochbrueckner, Pete warns against continued United States presence in South Africa, the cart machine dies, The Specials, The Clash, Elvis Costello.

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Jan. 30
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